SPRINTT - Student Polar Research with IPY National (and International) Teacher Training
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timeline - Phase I is 3 weeks class time, Phase II is 1-3 weeks class time, Phase III is 2-3 weeks class time and project-based

Learn about and use authentic polar data as you work toward conducting student investigations. Study the causes and impacts of Earth's changing climate. The program includes the vital perspectives of both western scientists and the indigenous Northern population.

SPRINTT is comprised of:

  • Phase I: Thematic Content
    • Data interpretation
    • Integration of social elements (indigenous observations)
    • Arctic/Antarctic Earth systems concepts (air, life, water, land)

  • Phase II (optional): Content Lessons

    Familiar science concepts are taught in the context of Earth's Polar Regions

  • Phase III: Interactive, Online Student Investigations

    11 investigations on topics that include:
    • Changing Sea Ice
    • Weather and Climate
    • Biological Change
    • Food Webs and Pollutants
    • Paleoclimatology
    • Permafrost

Click here for a list of SPRINTT Test Topics.

photo of an Antarctica scientist and an Alaskan Native couple

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